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"Lithium Burn" by Deleted Scenes | Album Review

Posted by Cory Kibler on Tue, 04/15/2014 - 8:32am in album review, Cory Kibler, dan scheuerman, deleted scenes, Dustin Diamond, fiberglass horse, lithium burn, omaha

HN contributor Cory Kibler says the appeal of Deleted Scenes is how they careen away from pop music without ever abandoning its hooks. Read a revew of Deleted Scenes' "Lithium Burn" here.


"The Tale of a Broken Compass" by Orion Walsh | On The Record

Posted by HN staff on Fri, 01/24/2014 - 5:59pm in album review, chance solem-pfeifer, Jacob Zlomke, Lincoln music, on the record, orion walsh

Orion Walsh's album "A Tale of a Broken Compass," our review states, "is what comes out when an artist stops paying worship to an interstate’s many signs and ventures past its shoulders."

See Through Dresses' Self-Titled Debut LP | On the Record

With its roots in ‘80s post-punk and shoegaze, See Through Dresses' debut may very well be an ode to couples that have been together for two or more years. Listen to our review here.

"Adult Film" by Tim Kasher | On the Record

Posted by HN staff on Tue, 10/15/2013 - 2:29pm in adult film, album review, chance solem-pfeifer, Jacob Zlomke, on the record, podcast, saddle creek, tim kasher

Listen to our full audio review of Tim Kasher's "Adult Film": "He’s not throwing his voice into the ether looking for answers. These songs are the answers."

"Eagle Seagull" by Eagle Seagull | The Look Back

Take a look back at Eagle Seagull's self-titled debut, which our columnist Jacob Zlomke says is "obsessed with its own depth, its own poeticism and point of view."

"Can You See Behind the Moon" by Underwater Dream Machine | On the Record

Listen to our album review of Underwater Dream Machine's third record. Bret Vovk and Nick Carl will take it on the road starting with a tour kickoff show at Barley Street Tavern tonight.

"Lovers and Quarrels" by Kwala Bee | On the Record

Posted by HN staff on Fri, 09/13/2013 - 2:22pm in album review, kwala bee, Nebraska music, omaha music, on the record

Kwala Bee’s debut album is a parade of three-part harmony, no matter the love, loss or bright orange flames in the sky. Hear our full audio review of “Lovers and Quarrels” here.

"Secret Summer" by Eric in Outerspace | On the Record

Sorry to blow your cover, Eric In Outerspace. This week on our album review podcast we tackle "Secret Summer," the August release from the Omaha garage pop four-piece.

"Top Shelf & Lost Tricks" by No Blood Orphan | On the Record

Even if they won't be released until tonight, the new songs from No Blood Orphan already have the feel of rare and lost tracks. Listen here for our audio review of "Top Shelf & Lost Tricks." 

"Errant Forms" by Ladyfinger | Album Review

Posted by HN staff on Thu, 02/28/2013 - 6:07pm in album review, errant forms, ladyfinger, mark bestul, music, nebraska, saddle creek

Ladyfinger's "Errant Forms," as reviewer Mark Bestul says, "makes you miss the ‘90s when guitars were always loud, ears hurt after every show and people smashed the shit out of stuff."