Willy Citro and the Dusters' Outlaw Opera | Concert Preview

Meet Willy Citro, an almost supernatural, drug-fueled character at the center of an outlaw opera. See the show tonight as Willy Citro and the Dusters opens for The Mustache Bandits at The Bourbon.

I, Apparatus at Knights of Columbus in Kearney | Photo Essay

The Knights of Columbus doesn’t scream hardcore music. It looks more like it should host a pancake feed with stacks of chairs and tables lining the wall. Look at pictures from the show last Thursday.

Lighthouses at The Hideout | Photo Essay

Lighthouses headed east from their homebase in Kearney, and stopped in Omaha on Saturday before continuing on to the rest of a nearly monthlong tour. See photos from The Hideout show here.

Lighthouses Start Tour for "Black Letter Day" | Video Feature

Posted by cam.penner on Thu, 05/23/2013 - 9:36pm in cam penner, hardcore, kearney, Lighthouses, music, nebraska, video feature

Kearney's Lighthouses stop in Omaha this Saturday while on tour for their debut album, "Black Letter Day." Before the show, watch and listen to what they have to say about the new record.

Push to the Beat | The Scoop

Much has changed since we left Scottsbluff on a mission to ride longboards from Nebraska's Panhandle to its capitol. Promoting Nebraska music the entire way, we have just 52 more miles ahead of us.