Max Fischer

"Trick or Tr34t on Mean Street" by M34N STR33T | Music Video

Nebraska rappers Op2mus, Scky Rei, Conny Franko, Zo, Max Fischer and Articulate fire off verses on "Trick or Tr34t on Mean Street.” Watch the video before Boo Goo at Slowdown on Thursday.

"Frida" by Conchance with Downtown James Brown | Song Story

If a death stare from the likes of Frida Kahlo won't curb a cheating lover's enthusiasm, Conchance says nothing will. Read on for the story of the Omaha hip-hop artist's new song and hear the track.

Max Fischer EP Release: "The Tape Over" | Audio Preview

Their new EP, "The Tape Over," took Max Fischer and Downtown James Brown only a week to record, but it's also been 10 years in the making. Read and listen to the story of the record here. 

Conchance at House of Loom | HN Live

The House of Loom had to turn people away after Conchance helped filled the place on Saturday. Get in with this video recap.