Jon Augustine on an Amp Case | Case Closed

Posted by HN staff on Tue, 01/15/2013 - 11:58am in case closed, doe eyed, eric nyffeler, jon augustine, masses, mike vandenberg, music, nebraska, nickolai hammar, stickers

by Nickolai Hammar

Jon Augustine's full-bearded, disembodied head is stuck to his bandmate's amp case. The bandmate, Mike Vandenberg, placed it there close to A Fucking Elephant.

Such is only the start of the stories of stickers on one of Masses' cases. In large part an advertisement for Doe Eyed, ran by yet another bandmate, Eric Nyffeler, this amp case is also reminder of a night of drunken tagging and the band with a potted plant for a lead singer.

Hover over the amp case and click on stickers to hear Augustine further explain its stories:

Nickolai Hammar is a Hear Nebraska intern. He hopes to hear your stickers' stories, so drop him a line if you have some good ones. Reach him at


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