Omaha Concert Wish List

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Joe S.
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If you'd like to, post any bands/artists you want to be booked in Omaha in the near future.

Just to name a few:

- These guys are only getting better with age. I saw them in Denver last Halloween and they were in absolute top shape. They haven't played in Omaha since 2005 (if you don't count the Stir Concert Cove show a couple years back).

- It's been too long since the Orpheum show, which was a blast. Andrew Bird + Wilco = A night of quality music.

Grand Buffet
- I don't know about y'alls, but I couldn't get enough of them when they opened for Girl Talk at Slowdown a couple years ago. I believe that's the last time they've graced an Omaha stage. Goofy, dance-y hip-hop. Give me that cream cheese money.

- Don't write me off as a wookie, folks. Phish have set themselves apart from the rest of the "jam band" scene and established themselves as a classic American rock band. They haven't played in Omaha or Lincoln since 1995 and 1996. They haven't played anywhere close (ie - KC, Ames, etc.) since 2003. They need to ship it here before they retire for real.

- Excellent, real hip-hop. He's a really cool dude who hailed from Iowa City, but now lives in LA. I've booked him for some pretty fun house parties over the last year. According to his Facebook page, he'll be back in the Midwest in mid-February. Maybe someone could book him so I don't have to drop hundreds of dollars on preparation and have to worry about money and house/venue safety the whole night!

It's late and I'm exhausted. I'll post more later.

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It really disturbs me when a band comes to Omaha, plays a sold-out show, and then never returns. Examples include Yeah Yeah Yeahs(April 2006), Jose Gonzalez(march 2008), Architecture in Helsinki( October 2006), Cold War Kids( March 2007), The National( September 2007), Antibalas(April 2007), Animal Collective(May 2007), Black Rebel Motorcycle Club(May 2007). These are only bands that come to mind off the top of my head. I've been wanting to see these bands a second time the moment I left their concerts. I don't get why they continually pass over Omaha.

MarQ Manner
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Die Antwoord
Kings Go Forth
Aloe Blacc
Sharon Jones
Mumford & Sons
Men Without Hats
Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero's
Fitz & The Tantrums
The Big Pink
The Cult

Joe S.
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Die Antwoord would be killer. I have some friends who saw them recently in Chicago and had too good of a time.

A couple more:

Schaffer the Darklord
Sound of Urchin
Bright Eyes (But Conor is still pissed at the state of Nebraska, right?)
Rilo Kiley (Jenny's been around, but a Rilo show would rock.)
Don Caballero

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BECK - that is all

MarQ Manner
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I was at that Die Antwoord show in Chicago. It was a riot.

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Dismemberment Plan. I saw them a couple times at Sokol Underground way back when. Game-changer for me!

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Grand Buffet!! i didn't know they opened for girl talk and I didn't know anybody else even knew who they were. i first heard of them on a Fighting Records comp a few years good!

and I agree with Joe S....Don Cab would be sweet!

I'd like to see:

the alkaline trio


bad religion



eagles of death metal


kind of like spitting

chad vangaalen

explosions in the sky

department of eagles

Russian Circles

Cory Kibler
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I would like to see Surfer Blood here. 

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Lil Wayne.

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Rancid, Neil Young, and Ween. On separate nights.

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The Weakerthans are at the top of my list...

Joe S.
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Air would also be a phenomenal show to see. What are those guys up to these days anyway?

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Agreed, Surfer Blood. Bon Iver (again) in support of his yet-to-be-released album. Nurses. No Age.

Layne Gabriel
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I would love to see the Prids again (and any of the other Portland bands on their label for that matter)

John Wenz
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Pissed Jeans

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Black Moth Super Rainbow
Animal Collective
Les Savy Fav
Menomena (again)
Twin Sister
Jumbling Towers
Born Ruffians
Daft Punk
Gary Numan
Chad Vangaalen
DFA 1979
Sleigh Bells
Sufjan Stevens (again)
Xiu Xiu

wish i could of seen Broadcast :(

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The Duke Spirit
Aesop Rock
Passion Pit
Band of Horses
Neutral Milk Hotel
Pedro the Lion
Regina Spektor
The Kickdrums
and finally.... I can't stress this enough..... Crystal Castles.

Layne Gabriel
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I'll add whoever Jack White's touring with. I'm still mad that Stripes show in Lincoln was canceled. I need a Modest Mouse fix, too - this time without massive storms, although there was something pretty magical about that show.

Joe S.
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When was the last time Modest Mouse was in town? My gal and I went to the 80/35 Fest in Des Moines last year due to its close proximity to Omaha. Modest Mouse headlined.

We went to the second day. It rained all day, but cleared up right before the MM set. It was a good time, despite the street festival bullshit feel to the whole thing. They played a nicely mixed set at high energy for the whole duration. And I was quite drunk, because our hotel was two blocks away from the entrance to the fest.

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Eagles of Death Metal
Them Crooked Vultures
Death from Above 1979
Rodrigo y Gabriela
The Mars Volta
Beats Antique

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1) BRAND NEW - the only time in their career they played anywhere near here was in CB opening for Dashboard Confessional in '06. They're due for a proper headlining gig (when they begin touring again). The Jesse Lacey solo show back in '08, while nice, just wasn't as intense as seeing the full band proper.

2) Deftones (again)

3) Jeff Mangum

4) Incubus (again)

5) Rx Bandits - for one reason or another they haven't been able to play here since Warped Tour 2002 even though they were booked twice.

6) Thrice (again)

7) The Mars Volta - although after getting booed off stage opening for RHCP years ago I don't know if they'd play here again...

8) The Flaming Lips (again)

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First and foremost, R.E.M. Can anyone tell me when/if they've played in Omaha?

Radiohead (duh)
Beck (saw him at Mancuso Hall in '97!)
Fiona Apple
TV on the Radio
Pearl Jam (I think 8 years is enough, guys)
Elvis Costello (headlining, at the Orpheum, preferably)
Arcade Fire (anyone else catch their show at Sokol Underground?)
Bad Religion (no, their 20-minute set at the Warped Tour was not enough)
Band of Skulls
Civil Twilight

By the way, Junip (featuring José González) is playing at the Waiting Room on April 27th. Can't wait!


John Wenz
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Wild Flag, the new Mary Timony / Janet Weiss / Carrie Brownstein band (who are awesome)

Also, Dismemberment Plan and Bill Callahan.

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1. Skinny Puppy

2.Killing Joke

3. Christ vs. Warhol

4. Nina Hagen

grief giver
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PISSED JEANS. for sure.

Basil McJagger
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I saw REM at Omaha Civic on the "Green" tour in 1989. Robyn Hitchcock opened the show.

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I'd love to see-

1. Gaslight Anthem
2. Arctic Monkeys
3. The Most Serene Republic
4. Face To Face
5. Cloud Cult