Well... (a rant of sorts not directed at anybody)

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so i have this perfect idea for live performances. i had it all figured out (for the most part) even bought a $300 loop pedal (actually got it for $80 less cause GC messed up the price tags and honored it) i've been practicing and my main problem is i don't feel that it's complete it's missing something, no... someone i need someone to play with besides myself. i don't like being by myself on a recording or when performing i'm just forced to.

all the people who would to either don't live anywhere close enough or they can't play anything and would rather be a groupie getting credit for being in a band (i have weird friends)

and all the people who are talented and live within a reasonable range don't want to because either: they don't like my genre and/or they don't want to take it seriously and would rather not do it.


so i've come to a dilemma and have no idea what to do on one hand i could just not play live, or on the other hand or could play live and try to conquer my fear of being the sole center of attention. neither of these are very appealling so i'd like to grow a third miracle hand sprouting out my back that actually has someone who can and will play with me.